2016 Marks the 82nd Annual North Alabama State Fair


The first North Alabama State Fair was held in 1935.  The total attendance was 2,059.  From this small beginning the Fair has grown to be one of the largest annual events in North Alabama.


The North Alabama State Fair is a nonprofit, self-supporting organization, with the exception of the Alabama Department of Agriculture paying a portion of the cash awards.  Otherwise, the North Alabama State Fair receives no subsidy from the city, county, state, or federal governments.


The North Alabama State Fair is best described as a family-oriented community event.  Agricultural, industrial, cultural, and commercial exhibits are on display.  The North Alabama State Fair is operated for the benefit of the community.


A major portion of the money spent at the North Alabama State Fair remains in the community.  Profits above operation expenses and capital expenditures are donated to charitable organizations.  Board members receive no compensation.


The 2016 Fair will be the 82nd annual event with a goal of 2,800 exhibits, an attendance goal of 50,000, and cash awards offered in excess of $46,000.