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Skin and Bones

  • A unique presentation of animals, skill, and comedy!
  • Over 25 years of experience, presenting comedy shows at fairs, festivals, circuses, variety shows, amusement parks, TV and film, corporate events, schools, libraries and private parties in the USA, Canada and Japan.
  • Shows can include trained dogs and potbellied pigs, juggling, magic and plenty of comedy!
  • Kid tested, parent approved, humane society endorsed! 


BANANA DERBY "America's Favorite Monkey Jockeys"

monkey jockeys.png
  • Great fun and entertainment for all ages!

  • These dog riding monkey jockey's will  have you talking during and after the event about them!

  • The Banana Derby combines two of mans favorite animals, monkeys and dogs! 



AIRSIDE is coming to Muscle Shoals, AL. You don't want to miss this group!

There are only a handful of things AIRSIDE values above the music; one of them is reaching people who are in need. On their most-recent European tour through Slovakia and Poland using music from their upcoming album 'Now or Never Mind', the band had the chance to play in high schools throughout each country. They teamed up with local humanitarian organizations focused on suicide prevention and emotional health for teens. Staying after each concert to talk with as many students as possible, AIRSIDE values taking time for conversations.

Their second EP, “Now or Never Mind”, will release August 31th, 2018. The North Alabama State Fair will be one of the first places that they play after releasing the album!